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At Fredericksburg Medical Aesthetics, PC, we strive to make people happy by providing expert skincare advice and products that preserve a youthful natural beauty.

Your Skincare Journey Starts Here

Using the proper skincare products for your skin type is the best way to optimize your skin's function, health and appearance. But with so many products to choose from and so many exaggerated clams, it can be almost impossible to assemble the correct regimen.


That's where the Skin Type Solutions System comes in. Dr. Ferguson and his staff have chosen to undergo advanced training in order to accurately determine your Baumann Skin Type and recommend the products your skin needs.

The first step is taking the simple Skin Type Solutions quiz. You'll be asked questions about your skin's moisture levels, sensitivity, discoloration and wrinkling. Then, based on your responses, you will receive a four-letter, color-coded Baumann Skin Type designation with a number that makes it easy to remember.

from there the doctor or nurse practitioner will explain more about your unique skin type and introduce you to the product regimen that is recommended for you. All products and regimens have been Skin Type Solution Certified, which means they have been extensively tested, and proven to be beneficial for your Baumann Skin Type.

Once you have received your customized regimen, we will give you detailed instructions that will tell you exactly how to use the products each morning and night.


Consistency is key. In addition to following your Skin Type Solutions regimen, we recommend a follow-up appointment one month later to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your regimen.

for the first time ever, you will be using the right products for your skin, and you will see results in the first few weeks. Schedule your appointment today!